i.e. Art Projects is is an independent Online Art Foundation covering contemporary art from around the world. The focus of i.e. Art Projects is to showcase  experimental and progressive contemporary art in different forms and media.
i.e. Art Projects online activities and events take place throughout the year and include exhibitions featuring the work of  international contemporary visual artists, artist residencies and artist talks, as well as virtual art workshops. 

Our Team

 Elham Shafaei

Founder &  Director

Sara Berti

Art Advisor

Tima Jam

Art Consultant

Aurelia Nicolosi

Art Curator

Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi

Art Advisor

Soheil Hosseini

Design Director

Yeganeh Farahani

Multimedia-Graphic Designer

Kambiz Noroozi


Emad Pournasiri

IT Consultant

Teh Qi Hong


Fadillah Ghani


Our Partners

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