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Soheil Hosseini


Art Talk

The Sense of Place

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Aysha Aldhaheri, Fadillah Ghani, Marjan Shariat 
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Kasia Dzikowska

Kasia Dzikowska is an Abu Dhabi-based artist. Born in Poland, she earned her MFA in fine arts at UTH Radom in 2007. In 2013, Kasia moved to the Middle East, where she currently resides and teaches Art Foundation courses at Zayed University. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including in the UAE, USA, Europe and the UK.

Kasia is a conceptual artist that works in a wide range of media, including painting, mixed media, digital graphics and installation. She explores strong use of repetition and rhythms through habitual documenting, often connected to socio-gender commentary through elevation of the significance of mundane activities.

Her work is predominantly influenced by the art of Hassan Sharif, Apoloniusz Weglowski and Alberto di Fabio and their intimate connections with their work’s subject matter.


Pak Keung Wan

Nasim G. Pachi is a Hong Kong based Iranian-German painter. She spent the first two decades of her life growing up in Iran. Her education, career and family have since moved her around Europe, West Africa and Southeast Asia.
The social, cultural and political paradoxes she encounters are her creative fuel. Fascinated by people and the choices they make, Nasim is continuously assessing her own identity and trying to understand how her upbringing and travels continue to mold it. She challenges her audience to comprehend the contrasts she presents in her aesthetically rich portraits.
Her paintings contrast intricate patterns and faceless figures to illustrate statements on identity, culture, freedom and gender.
Nasim‘s work is exhibited and collected internationally.
She received both her Bachelor and Masters of Arts in Illustration from HAW University Hamburg, Germany.


Pak Keung Wan

Pak Keung Wan (b.1970, Hong Kong) combines his drawing-focused practice with installation, photography, print and performance, through which his concerns with process, transmutation, fusion and temporality become tangible. Wan completed his M.A. in Fine Art Printmaking at the Royal College of Art with a Henry Moore Scholarship in 1994. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions and undertaken artists residencies in galleries and museums across the UK, USA and India. His interest in science has also led to his drawings being shown at the Williamsville Space Lab Planetarium in New York and Stardome Observatory & Planetarium in Auckland, New Zealand.


Stefano Favaretto

Stefano Favaretto is an Italian photographer. For many years he worked as a psychologist and psychotherapist, which certainly contributed to his personal growth as an artist and photographer always intent to capture human emotions in his pictures. This was how his artistic focus developed: observe and capture the human and spiritual essence behind a picture, in order to stimulate the observer to reflect and get in touch with his or her own emotions and interior life. His passion for photography and human narratives also spurred him to travel throughout the different continents. These journeys broadened his cultural knowledge and awareness, contributing to the evolution of his artistic work. A typical feature of Favaretto’s work is the use of elements taken from psychotherapy, such as metaphors and symbols and to photograph the real characters of local legends and tales. Favaretto has exhibited his art all over the world with great success and since 2021 he has become a pioneer in the world of NFTs both as an artist and as a curator and community builder.

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Shabnam Parvaresh

Shabnam Parvaresh is a musician, visual artist, composer and curator from Tehran, Iran. In Tehran she received her bachelor's degree in fine arts from University of Science & culture and pursued a career as a freelance artist. In Tehran she was a member of the "Tehran Painters Association '' and organized numerous exhibitions of her works. In 2014, she decided to leave Iran to study jazz clarinet at the Institute of Music of the Osnabrück University of Music with Tineke Postma, Thomas Rückert, Marike van Dijk and Maarten Ornstein, among others. During her studies she played in numerous bands and ensembles including with Grammy Award winner Kinan Azmeh at the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück, and as a solo artist, including with Achim Kaufmann at the Soundtrips NRW series. She completed her studies in 2022. In 2020 she founded her "Sheen Trio" whose debut album will be released in fall 2022 on Berthold Records. She is a member of the German Jazz Union. In addition to her work as a musician, she continues to be active as a painter. Previously, her "Micro Narratives" series has been shown in a solo exhibition at Osnabrück, Germany.


Adriana Ferrarese

Adriana Ferrarese is an Italian photographer and documentary filmmaker, based in Paris.

After graduating from the prestigious film school La Fémis in Paris, she created the production company CERESA FILMS entirely dedicated to documentary films. Since then, she produced and directed several short and long feature documentaries that were awarded and shown internationally. While working with moving images she develops her passion for photography as an autodidact, embracing a new artistic language yet deeply connected to documenting reality.


Izumi Ueda Yuu

Izumi Ueda Yuu is a Japanese artist based in Portugal. The inspiration for her work comes from everyday life: used clothes, paper shoes, memory landscape and last night’s dream as in the case of “Ocean is There”.


Tor Seidel

Tor Seidel is a German artist who works as a lecturer at the College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Sharjah. Beyond this he is also an author, filmmaker, and curator.


Martyna Benedyka

Martyna is a Polish vocalist and visual artist based in Romania. She is working in several different media including painting, photography, collage, installation, video and sound art.

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Jochem Rotteveel

Jochem Rotteveel has been investigating the picturesque and sculptural

qualities of foil and tape since 2009. He feels connected with hard-edge and

colourfield painters Frank Stella, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, Piet

Mondriaan, Peter Halley and Ellsworth Kelly.

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