Aysha Ahmed Aldhaheri

Aysha Ahmed Aldhaheri, a visual artist, was born in the United Arab Emirates, in 2001. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Art at Zayed University's College of Arts and Creative Enterprises. Throughout her artistic journey, Aysha has consistently drawn inspiration from the captivating beauty of the natural environment. 

Moza Al Falasi 

Moza Al Falasi is a multidisciplinary Dubai-based Emirati artist. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from the College of Arts & Creative Enterprises, Zayed University. Moza works with different mediums, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, and photography. She is interested in the Islamic world's art and architecture, notably illustrated manuscripts.

Nuria González Alcaide

Nuria González Alcaide was born in 1995, Barcelona, Spain. Currently based in Singapore. Visual abstract artist, self-taught. She took a Contemporary Art workshop at the Metàfora Academy (Barcelona) and has carried on online courses taught by MoMa (USA) and the FotoCreativaBA Artists Program "FotoComBA" (Argentina).She has participated in collective exhibitions in Vic (Spain), Madrid, Cava de' Tirreni (Italy) and London, where she has been finalist in the competition organized by Southbank Printmakers (London).

Fadillah Ghani

Fadillah Ghani, a talented artist from the artistic land of Malaysia, is an emerging figure in the contemporary art scene. With a unique perspective and a passion for her work, Fadillah is currently in her final year of a Bachelor's (Hons) degree in Fine Art, with a major in sculpture and a minor in painting. Fadillah's creativity knows no bounds, and she continually challenges herself beyond her limits. Alongside her academic commitments, Fadillah has taken full control of her artistic journey.

Pak Keung Wan

Pak Keung Wan was born in 1970, Hong Kong. He combines his drawing-focused practice with installation, photography, print and performance, through which his concerns with process, transmutation, fusion and temporality become tangible. Wan completed his M.A. in Fine Art Printmaking at the Royal College of Art with a Henry Moore Scholarship in 1994.

Nasim G. Pachi

Nasim G. Pachi is a Hong Kong based Iranian-German painter. The social, cultural and political paradoxes she encounters are her creative fuel. Fascinated by people and the choices they make, Nasim is continuously assessing her own identity and trying to understand how her upbringing and travels continue to mold it.

Nuvola Project

Artistic project born in 2016 from the collaboration lasted 15 years between Massimo Di Leo, artist and digital innovator, and Gaia Riposati, artist and performer. Its artworks intertwine the real and the virtual to investigate the relationships between our physical world and the digital metaverse, by using performances and physical installations empowered by technological tools like Artificial Intelligence, sensors, video projections and other. 

Soheil Hosseini

Soheil Hosseini was born in Tehran, Iran in 1988. He is a painter, an artist, graphic designer and the co-founder of Tehran Studio and Tehran Gallery based in Austria and Iran where he works on the intersection of visual arts and human-centric design of information systems. He has participated in over 40 exhibits and conferences as a graphic designer.

Jalal Jamal Bin Thaneya

Jalal Jamal Bin Thaneya is a photographer based in Dubai. His large format compositions capture industrial facilities and ghostly landscapes in the United Arab Emirates, exposing society's allencompassing reliance on oil and nature's manipulation by human hands.

Stefano Favaretto

Stefano Favaretto is a photographer based in Italy. For many years he worked as a psychologist and psychotherapist. He tried to observe and capture the human and spiritual essence behind a picture, in order to stimulate the observer to reflect and get in touch with his or her own emotions and interior life.

Marco Veronese

Marco Veronese express is art as photographer, digital artist, sculptor, performer, poet and writer. He is active in the art world since 1982,  and his works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in many countries like Italy, Korea, France, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Hungary. 

Alessandra Manias

Alessandra is an Italian awarded Film Production Designer and Visual Artist working in Los Angeles. In her style we find powerful Colors, Geometry, Minimalism and Light. 

Donja Fard

Donja was born in 1995, Iran and currently is based in Germany. Her work primarily consists of multimedia installations in corporation natural elements like water and focuses on concepts such as sustainability.

Adriana Ferrarese

Adriana is an Italian photographer and documentary filmmaker, based in Paris.

Martyna Benedyka

Martyna is a Polish vocalist and visual artist working in several different media including painting, photography, collage, installation, video and sound art.


Lia De Jonghe

Lia was born in 1962, Den Helder, The Netherlands. She lives and works in Amsterdam. She has s special interest in embroidery.

Fabian Matz

Fabian was born in 1986, Basel, Switzerland. He lives and works in Basel. Since 2016, he has been running his studio "atelier fabian matz - studio for elastic states“.

Izumi Ueda Yuu

zumi Ueda Yuu was born in Japan and moved to USA when she was 30 years old. She worked between USA, Japan and Singapore. Since 2015, she has been living and working in Portugal.

Khalil Muhsain

Khalil was born in 1989 in Penang, Malaysia. He is a Kuala Lumpur -based artist and has produced many media works related to paintings and sculptures. His current practice revolves around materiality and the process of artmaking.

Jochem Rotteveel

Jochem was born in 1976, Netherlands. Has been investigating the picturesque and sculptural qualities of foil and tape since 2009.

Kasia Dzikowska

Kasia Dzikowska is an Abu Dhabi-based artist. Born in Poland, she earned her MFA in fine arts at UTH Radom in 2007. In 2013, Kasia moved to the Middle East, where she currently resides and teaches Art Foundation courses at Zayed University. Kasia is a conceptual artist that works in a wide range of media, including painting, mixed media, digital graphics and installation.

Marjan Shariat

Born in Iran in 1983, Marjan Shariat demonstrated a passion for painting from an early age. She pursued her interest by earning a bachelor’s degree in painting from the University of Science and Culture in Tehran, with a focus on the representation of women in contemporary Iranian painting.  Shariat has been showing her artworks in national and international exhibitions since 2016.

Dima Abou Zannad

Dima is a Dubai-based Palestinian-Lebanese artist. She explores themes of catharsis, language, symbolism, psychoanalytic transference and the use of visual metaphors within her work.


Amir Bahador Bayat

Amir Bahador was born in 1997, Tehran, Iran. Photography is his preferred medium for his artworks. His practice is a combination of involvement with mental space and daily life, images of fantasies and dreams that have been abstracted in parallel with the real world.

Zul Hanafi Rosfazdilah

Zul Hanafi was born in 1996, Malaysia. His practice is usually using painting and drawing medium with visuals inspired from personal experience.

Shirin Mellatgohar

Shirin was born in 1976, Baghdad, Iraq. She is a visual artist based in Tehran, Iran.

Laleh Moghadam Koohi

Laleh Moghadam Koohi was born in 1990, Zanjan, Iran. She is a multidisciplinary artist.

Tor Seidel

Tor Seidel is a German artist, photographer, lecturer, author, translator and curator who studied Art + Philosophy and pursued an MA in Philosophy and Archeology at the Free University Berlin, Germany. Since 2017 Tor is a lecturer in the Fine Arts program at University of Sharjah.

Danielle Lin

Danielle Lin was born in 2001, Ipoh, received her art education at Malaysian Institute of Art, Kuala Lumpur. Her acrylic paintings span from the realistic to the whimsical, drawing inspiration mainly from soft toys and sentimental memorabilia.

Hala El Abora

Hala El Abora is a Palestinian-Jordanian artist based in Dubai. She received her BA in Fine Arts from the University of Sharjah. Archives can be a medium and a subject; they are carriers of history and memory. The collective memory of Palestinians becomes an important archive for a dispersed population that experience ongoing loss and fragmentation.

Şeyda Yilmasin

Şeyda Yilmasin was was born in 1996, Nevşehir, Turkey. Currently, she pursuing her MA in Painting at Trakya University.

Fana Douau

Fana Douau was born in 1990, Malacca, Malaysia. Completed her study in Diploma in Fine Art, 2021, at Malaysian Institute of Art. Her artwork captures and transcends the depth of feeling and complexity of the emotion that fills human souls. That is how she expresses her emotions to the world.

Nur Hana Tan

Nur Hana Tan is a Sabah born contemporary artist based in Shah Alam, Malaysia. She lives and works between her hometown in Beaufort, Sabah and klang. Hana graduated from University of Science Malaysia with a BA In Art (Hon) in 2019, as a figurative artist, Hana always tries to mix the portraits with objects that demonstrate a theme or narrative, as well as playing with composition that has something to do with her culture.

Norfatihah Yusof

Norfatihah Yusof was born in 1995, Malaysia. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from Universiti Sains Malaysia and is currently pursuing MFA there. Norfatihah practices darkroom photography, drawing and sculpture. Her latest work takes on experimental photography where she co-works with the medium itself in the darkroom.

Yalda Jahanpanah

Yalda Jahanpanah,was born in 1999,Tehran, Iran. She has a diploma in graphic design from Kherad’s Institutes art school and She has been Studying BA of photography at Tehran university, Faculty of fine arts since 2017. Photography is her preferred medium for artworks but sometimes she also uses other mediums along with photography such as print making in order to convey her desired concepts to the audience.

Golazin Firoozi

Golazin Firoozi was born in 1997, Tehran, Iran. Her major was painting at university. Her preferred techniques are digital paintings and also mix media.

Isabel Yap

Isabel Yap was born in the year 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She received her art education at the Malaysian Institute of Art, Malaysia. Her works focused on oil and acrylic paint on her house cat reflect human beings and calmness.

Putri Amrizal

Putri Amrizal was born in 1986, West Sumatera. She is a process-based and mixed media visual artist. She focuses on exploration of materiality, examines the meaning that materials hold, its connection to humans and environments. Currently, she is pursuing her MFA in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Zehra Saluk

Zehra Saluk was born in 1998, Denizli, Turkey. She completed her BA of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Education of Pamukkale University. Currently, she studies for a master's degree in the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Trakya. Zehra aims to capture the memories of the moments in time through her works.

Shabnam Parvaresh

Shabnam Parvaresh was born in Tehran, Iran. She is a multidisciplinary artist based in Germany.

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